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Acquire, Engage, Build, Retain

Acquiring & retaining talent has become the most difficult aspect for every organization around the globe. When business leaders fail to acquire, build and retain their talent, they will continue to lose the most important aspect of their organization, their PEOPLE. 

Hire: Our Talent Discovery tool is the Key to Smart Decisions & Competitive Advantage

Decisions are the engines that drive your organization. Top performance begins with smart hiring decisions. Get the information you need about performance potential, job behaviors, and job fit. With OMS get it quickly, easily, and efficiently for all candidates for all jobs at all levels.

Motivate: Building Performance One Person at a Time

Understanding each person as an individual and responding to each person’s motivational needs is the smart way to build high performance and solid relationships. You build performance one person at a time. With OMS you can remove the guesswork from motivation and create a highly satisfying, rewarding work environment for all your employees.

Lead: Make More Effective Decisions at Every Level of Leadership

You will gain a competitive edge by combining personal decision-making skills and know-how, scientific measurement techniques, and web-based organizational diagnostic tools into a comprehensive decision-making system for all your leaders. With OMS your executive team can develop strategic initiatives far more likely to succeed, and make faster, better-informed operating decisions leading to higher individual and group performance, greater retention, and lower costs.

Acquiring Talent

Key Solutions:

  • Job modeling

  • Talent based job postings

  • Recruiting

  • Interviewing for talent and culture fit

  • Listening for faking in the interview

  • Selecting for both technical and culture fit

  • On-boarding

Impact & Outcomes:

  • Select for talent as much as technical fit

  • Higher quality candidate pools to begin with

  • Reduces turnover

  • Better employee assimilation to the organization

  • More prepared managers of new hires

Strategic Focus:

  • Create a dedicated talent attraction and retention program

Engaging Talent

​Key Solutions:

  • Calibration/focus on the mission/vision/values & business strategy of the organization

  • Building high-performing teams

  • Effective team building exercises

  • Conflict management

  •  Non-monetary reward and recognition programs

  •  Relevant performance management systems

Impact & Outcomes:

  • More committed employees

  • More output from employees

  • Higher quality output from employees Reduced absenteeism

  • Reduced turnover More loyal workforce

  • More positive resolution of employee friction

  • Demonstration of idealized workplace behaviors

Strategic Focus:

  • Improve the workforce skills of the current and emerging workforce

Building Talent

​Key Solutions:

  • Individual development plans

  • Ongoing 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Development workshops

Impact & Outcomes:

  • More loyal/committed workforce

  • Increase trust from employees

  • Lower turnover

  • Stronger talent pipeline

Strategic Focus:

  • Provide the unemployed and under- employed the basic workforce skills and soft skills necessary to become gainfully employed

Leveraging Talent

​Key Solutions:

  • Mentoring/coaching programs

  • High-performer identification

  • Talent pipeline analysis

  • Succession planning

  • Competency modeling

  • Career pathing

  • Leadership development program/academy

Impact & Outcomes:

  • Structured approach to developing employees according to your organization’s needs

  • More clear understanding of high performers and low performers

  • Identification of the types of talent conversations that should be happening with employees

  • Accurate understanding of what behaviors are needed in each role and how to progress to the next level/position

Strategic Focus:

  • Improve the workforce skills of the current and emerging workforce

Retaining Talent

​Key Solutions:

  • Talent management audit

  • Annual employee engagement survey

  • 360/multi-rater feedback assessment

  • Career planning

Impact & Outcomes:

  • Benchmark of your organization’s current talent management/HR practices against best practices

  • Relevant action plan to enhance talent management/HR within your organization

  • Feedback regarding your employees work experience within your organization

  • Identification of activities that are causing employees to be engaged and disengaged

  • Relevant action plan to strengthen your employee value proposition (which influences people to
    work for you and to stay with you)

  • Provides your people leaders with the ‘gift of feedback’ regarding how they are doing at leading
    their staff

  • Provides associates with the fact that they are being listened to, cared about, and the various
    opportunities for growing with the company

  • Reduced turnover

  • Increased employee engagement, loyalty & productivity

Strategic Focus:

  • Create a dedicated talent attraction and retention program

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